Precision agriculture is an answer to feed the world, seeds are the origin of any harvest, protecting them from counterfeiters will protect farmers from poor yield quality and will continue to fight for a zero hunger planet.

Microfibers: our solution to fight against counterfeiting and illicit trade.

It consists on an exclusive, extremely low concentrated additive for seeds coatings that permits on-field authentication without need of internet access. Colors, lengths or even shape makes possible to “codify” seeds by batches, SKUs or destination countries.

Impactless on the production process and seeds efficiency, microfibers are mixed directly in seeds coating. Once applied, each seeds is marked and can be uniquely authenticated through a dedicated reader. Microfibers will be visible for each genuine seeds making possible to identify « genuine / fake » mixes.

Using different Microfibers shapes, colors or length, seeds breeders can identify a specific batch, SKU, distributor, destination country or licensee.

Combined with traceability and consumer interaction, Microfibers will ensure the authenticity, the access key for larger digital track & trace program.