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Protecting the greatest brands for more than 20 years.

For over 20 years, Edgyn (formerly Arjo Solutions) has been a leading French company in cutting-edge digital protection against illicit trade and counterfeiting.

We provide our customers with high-security digital authentication and identification solutions. Our solutions are offers real-time protection for supply chains, authentification against counterfeit products, and tools to support the counterfeiting programs of our clients.

Thanks to our multi-industry expertise, our international partnership network and our investment in innovation, we help governments and major brands to protect their image, their products and their consumers and citizens.

Our mission is to defend quality trade by providing our clients with the best tech to fight illicit trade, fraud and mass counterfeiting.

Our vision 🧿

Safety should not be an obstacle to commercial and industrial performance.

At Edgyn, we believe that protecting goods, brands and consumers has never been more important to society considering the growing impact of counterfeiting.

But we are also aware that security comes at a cost, which can sometimes be detrimental to our customers' business.

That's why our designers and engineers create solutions that combine a high level of security, simple industrial implementation and high performance.

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Protect your brand, win on all counts.

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