• Fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting

    Our digital fingerprint anti-counterfeiting solutions for luxury goods allows you to ensure authentication of your products with certainty and helps you identify counterfeits, fake or diverted goods.

    When products are distributed to the market, but also when they are brought back for repair in your stores, avoiding issuing warranties on counterfeited products.

  • Provide a unique digital experience to your customers based on trust

    Giving a digital identity for luxury and valuable goods, with digital warranties and certificates of ownership, will enable your company to build a direct and long-lasting relationship with the owners of your luxury products and enhance your customers’ experience. Giving the consumer a greater sense of security and confidence in your brands.

    But such consumer relationships must be built on the trust that the product is authentic.

    We provide the missing link between a physical product and its digital identity, ensuring the integrity of your digital brand protection strategy.


A secure digital identity for luxury and valuable goods, based on product biometry

Our digital fingerprint technology creates a unique digital signature for each product from the small-scale variations of its material.

Without adding or printing anything, therefore not altering the quality or design of your company’s product, brand and packaging.

This unique and secure product identity can not be copied and will reside with the product, allowing it to be identifiable across its life cycle.

The product carries its own digital identity.

Providing brand protection solutions for luxury goods against counterfeit, fake and diverted products.


A personalized and secured digital experience for your customers

  • Enable the owners of your products to verify their authenticity

    On new valuable goods as well as on second hand products.

  • Provide securely personalized digital content

    Provide securely personalized digital content

  • Provide a unique experience on second hand products

    Product verification by the new owner provides the opportunity to establish a direct relationship, a unique customer experience and onboard the individual consumers in your brand universe, your loyalty, membership program.

A perfect complement to blockchain and NFT

We can provide a full turnkey solution for secured digital identity of your products or complement a blockchain, non fungible tokens platform, providing the secured link between the product and its digital twin.

Product applications

  • Leather goods

  • Watches

  • Precious metals

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