STES® : Secured Tamper Evident Substrate, a synthetic security substrate, combining superior tamper evidence, resistance.

STES®  is an ultra-destructive synthetic security multi-layer substrate method designed by EDGYN.

STES adhesive label or sheet self-destructs if a user attempts to peel it off the surface, providing a highly effective tamper evident adhesive seal.

The integrated security features, visible under UV light, provide a secure authentication of the label, and therefore confirm the authenticity of the product.

The secured substrate's layered structure provides high level tamper evidence and rapid and indisputable authentication.

STES® has unique tamper evident properties thanks to its Expanded polyethylene structure and its versatile performant layer of adhesive.

STES® has a highly performant printable secure layer embedding a combination of invisible fluorescent fibers and particles.

Features & benefits of STES® tamper evident substrate

  • Highly effective tamper evidence

    Thanks to its expanded polyethylene structure and its versatile performant layer of adhesive.

  • Excellent printing characteristics

    Compatible with a number of major systems and technologies: offset, flexography, heliogravure, intaglio, thermal transfer, HP Indigo; cold-fusion laser, ...

  • High resistance

    Our tamper evident substrate is highly resistant to water, oil, chemical substances, UV light, temperatures of +/-60°C and is tear resistant.

  • Easy to convert

    Our tamper evident substrate is easily die-cut, can be fed in any direction, is compatible with all known traditional adhesives and provides excellent dimensional stability. Our amper evident substrates are available in reel and sheet.

  • UV features visible under 365 nm


  • Sealant label for data and brand protection

    - Pharma
    - Animal health
    - Medical devices
    - Spirits

  • Governmental applications

    - Tax stamps
    - Visas and ID documents

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