We provide end-to-end track and trace solutions with hardware and software solutions for serialization, aggregation and tracking system from L1 to L4, powered by the software of our sister company Inexto.

Our serialization and traceability solutions enables the end-to-end traceability of your products from production and packaging to market distribution, providing full transparency on your product flows, sales and inventories.

We partner with you to design serialization and traceability solutions adapted to your international operations, providing flexibility and relevance in equipment integration and configurable software solutions.

Unlock the benefits of end-to-end traceability

  • Fight against product diversion

    Detect product diversion of your products and goods. Identify the illegal, unauthorized activities of distributors and retailers. Product diversion security technology

  • Data to optimize your supply chain

    Get full, real time visibility on the delivery of each product across the supply chain. Get data to optimize your product flows and inventories. Identify aging products and inventories. Optimize products recalls.

  • Transparency on the origin of your products

    Provide transparency on your products and their origin to your customers, that will build trust

  • Comply with regulation

    Compliance with traceability regulations on your products across the world.

Our serialization & traceability solutions

We provide a comprehensive solution with Equipment and Software solutions covering all 4 levels: L1 / L2 (lines), L3 (Site) and L4 (Entreprise). ​

We deliver a one-vendor solution, including integration and installation, on your lines and a 24x7 global support.

Integrated Brand Protection and Customer Interaction Solution

Go beyond serialization and traceability.

Our serialization and traceability solutions and services can be integrated with our authentication solutions such as digital fingerprint, with our Brand Protection Analytics Platform and with our Customer interaction solution to build the most advanced and comprehensive solution for supply chain security and transparency.

Proven and widely implemented software solutions

  • 1000
    manufacturing lines equipped with our solutions
  • 100
    factories equipped
  • 100
    billions items tracked each year

Learn more about the serialization and traceability solutions and track and trace software solutions of our sister company Inexto.

Why partnering with us

We provide state-of-the-art track and trace serialization and traceability solutions deployed on more than 1000 high speed lines.

Ability to provide an all-in-one technology solutions combining serialization, aggregation, traceability and authentication, consumer interaction.

Demonstrated experience in deploying global international large-scale systems and in interfacing with complex IT systems.

Experienced 24X7 global customer support.

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