Brands are facing the growing security problem of both counterfeit products and grey or parallel markets which allows resellers to escape regulatory and tax restrictions by selling  products outside their authorized distribution channels. Such diversion of products out of their standard distribution channel is accompanied by the removal of the traceability code of the product, making the brand unable to determine the origin and legality of a product.

Our digital fingerprint solutions also called product biometry solutions Adfirmia™ and Signoptic® allow the user to unitarily authentify a product by ensuring the biometric identification of counterfeited and diverted products

Digital fingerprint principle

How it works.

Our patented digital fingerprint solution technology extracts a unique digital signature based on the visible hazards of the product. No need to add any security element, the product authentication solution is invisible and undetectable: the product is its own security.

How to use it.

To fight against product diversion, our digital fingerprint solution can be used as a second layer to secure a traceability system or directly as an anti-grey market solution. The digital fingerprinting signature can provide smart and secured access to product authentication and traceability data: serialized number, batch number, destination market and all traceability events. Even if the traceability code has been deleted or copied, the brand can recover all traceability information, identify diverted products and the point of diversion.

As secure as a covert feature, as connected as a QR Code

High security. Smartphone authentication. All scans reported in real time in EDGYN CARE, our Brand Protection Analytics platform


  • Unitary authentication

    Anti-counterfeiting and anti-product diversion solution

  • Product authentication with a smartphone

    iOS and Android

  • Real time collection of verification data

    Scan results reported in EDGYN CARE, our brand protection platform
    Real time view on product verification.
    Real time alerts

  • Non additive and invisible

    Nothing is added or printed to the product

  • Impossible to copy

    The product is its own security

Digital fingerprint your products

Our digital fingerprint solutions, Adfirmia™ and Signoptic® can be integrated on your packaging, cartons, labels, blisters or directly on your primary products. Our application cases cover today bottles, caps, electrical appliances, metallic spare parts, leather products and precious metals.

Key figures

  • + 100
    brands protected
  • 2 billion
    products protected
  • + 100
    coding systems deployed worldwide

  • 2006
    Developed since
  • 2008
    Industrialized since
  • 20
    Patent families

Adfirmia™, authenticate your product with a smartphone

ADFIRMIA™ is a digital, smartphone based product authentication solution, providing anyone: brands, authorities, security agencies and consumers with a simple method to confirm a product is genuine and to identify diverted products.

ADFIRMIA™ provides, in a few seconds, a simple and non-interpretable result on the authenticity of a product, and access to its traceability data by scanning the product with a smartphone.

ADFIRMIA™ offers the opportunity for a brand to implement decentralized verification of its products and to enable its final users\consumers to verify their products identity, making them active players in the fight against illicit trade, building trust in the brand and providing opportunity for direct consumer engagement.

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