Not just a QR Code. A Powerful Branding and Data Marketing Tool.

Our Augmented QR Codes is designed for ambitious and creative marketers who want to take their product experience to the next level.

Unlike traditional datamatrix (fixed URL), our next-generation QR Codes are serialisable, infinitely customisable and allow you to collect real-time marketing data from anywhere in the world for each of your products.

All without any impact on the design of your packaging or your production line.

Key Security Features and Benefits

  • Geolocation-Based Targeting

    You can personalise the content of each QR Code according to the geolocation of your consumers - anywhere in the world.

  • 3 Marketing Setting Levels

    Set the marketing rules for each of your divisions, ranges and products, in broad terms or in minute detail.

  • First-Hand Data Collection

    Find out exactly where and when your consumers scan and consume your products.

  • Marketing Analytics Collection

    Fine-tune your marketing by discovering the top 10 most and least scanned brands, ranges and products, by year, month and country.

  • Real-time Data Updates

    Your dashboard is updated every 5 minutes, allowing you to adjust your strategy on a daily basis.

  • Data Visualisation Tools

    Your dashboard interface includes graphical tools that make it easy to view and filter your data.

  • Built-in Serialisation

    You can opt for a generic QR Code (barcode), or a serialised code containing your product's unique identifier (GTIN/EAN) protecting your product against counterfeiting.

  • Product Authentification

    Our QR Code allows your consumers to check the authenticity of your product by scanning it.

  • Easy Implementation

    Our QR Codes are pre-printed so they have no impact on your production line and supply chain.

  • Edgyn Care Access

    This product gives you access to Edgyn Care, our digital brand protection platform.

  • Automatic URL Verification

    No more risk of your customers coming across an empty or incorrect page.

  • Regular Updating

    We regularly add new features to this solution at no extra cost.


Simple Scan. Enhanced Brand Experience.

Our Augmented QR Codes enable you to enrich your consumers' shopping experience by digitising your packaging with brand content, personalising your marketing according to their geolocation, and guaranteeing them the authenticity of your product.

  • Crowd-Sourced Anti-Diversion

    Involve your consumers in your brand protection by allowing them to authenticate your product themselves.

  • Product Authenticity Certification

    Prove to your consumers that your brand is committed to protecting them against counterfeiting and the risks of illicit trade.

  • Geolocalised Brand Content

    Personalise the content you deliver to your consumers according to their location and the product they are interested in.

  • Evolutive Packaging

    Change the digital brand content associated with your product whenever and wherever you like.

  • End-to-end Traceability

    Track your product at every stage of your supply chain and identify diversion attempts more easily.


Brand protection can boost you brand reputation.

"All the recent marketing studies show that consumers have more high expectations when it comes to the origin of products, their composition and their authenticity. This global trend is redefining the relationship between brands and their consumers and you should take that in account in your brand strategy. Our Augmented QR Codes are often proving to be an effective, simple and innovating way of meeting these new expectations and increase your customer's trust in your brand."

- Camille DISS, Product Director

Cutting-Edge Marketing Technology. Endless Opportunities.

  • Boost your website traffic 🚀

    Are you launching a new fragrance? Take the opportunity to send your consumers to the official website for the promotional campaign

  • Translate your user manuals 🗺️

    Do you sell all over the world? Offer the possibility of downloading the instructions for your product in their original language

  • Push personalised brand content 💎

    Send your Chinese, French, American and other consumers to the cultural content that really interests them

  • Engage your community against counterfeiting ✊

    Give your consumers the opportunity to get involved with your brand in the fight against counterfeiting

  • Reward your best customers 🎁

    Encourage purchases and offer benefits (promotional codes, goodies, easter eggs) to customers who scan your products

  • Keep your customers better informed 📑

    Is the composition of your product complex? Send your customers to the product page for greater transparency

  • Optimise your product marketing 📊

    Identify the countries where your products perform best, and reinforce your worst-performing products with brand content

  • And many other applications...

    To be discovered by you and your team.

Key Performance Indicators

  • +20
    Edgyn's years of expertise in digital brand innovation
  • x10
    Traffic from websites linked to our QR Codes
  • +150
    Protected brands since Edgyn's creation

Fine-tune each Product. See your Results in any Country in the World.

This product gives you access to Edgyn Care, our brand protection platform.

Our advisors will give you a live, detailed demonstration of how it works, guide you through its use, and advise you personally regarding its technical implementation.


Your dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of the marketing results of your augmented products thanks to multiple data visualization tools.


For every country in the world, you can assign marketing rules to your divisions, ranges and products. If you don't have the time to configure your QR Codes down to the last detail, our tool lets you assign general rules to them.


Your dashboard allows you to filter the marketing results of your augmented products in just a few clicks, according to the countries, ranges, products or periods that interest you.

.> All your questions about Edgyn Connect answered

  • 💬 ⇾ How can I be sure that my consumers will adopt this technology?

    What we can tell you is that our customers are often impressed by the marketing results of their QR Codes. Scanning a product is now a widespread practice in sectors where consumers like to inform themselves before making a purchase.

  • 💬 ⇾ Will your solution impact my production?

    No, our solution will have no impact on your production. Our Augmented QR Codes are pre-printed upstream of your distribution chain. We have an international network of printers equipped with our solutions, enabling us to support you from A to Z in implementing this solution.

  • 💬 ⇾ What happens when a consumer discovers a counterfeit product?

    The counterfeit product is geolocated and an alert is triggered on your dashboard, enabling you to take the necessary steps to put it out of action as quickly as possible.

  • 💬 ⇾ Is the data collected by your QR Codes updated in real time?

    Yes, all your data is updated in real time (every 5 to 10 minutes), for each of your products and in every country in the world.

  • 💬 ⇾ Do your QR Code collect geographical data?

    Yes, our Augmented QR Codes let you know the top 5 countries where your products are the most scanned. An interactive map shows you the number of scans per country in real time.

  • 💬 ⇾ Do your QR Codes work anywhere in the world?

    Our QR Codes work everywhere in the world. You can set specific marketing rules for each of your products, in every country in the world.

  • 💬 ⇾ The traceability code is cluttering up my packaging. Is it possible to replace it with your QR codes?

    Yes, our QR Codes can replace the traceability code on your packaging. This is one of their main advantages: they free up a lot of space on the packaging, since they contain your product's barcode, its unique identifier (GTIN/EAN) and a dynamic URL.

  • 💬 ⇾ Do I have to reprint your QR Codes every time I change their hyperlinks?

    No, unlike traditional QR Codes, our Augmented QR Codes have built-in technology (RESOLVER) that allows you to personalise their content as much as you like. All you have to do is update the link associated with the QR Code from your dashboard.

  • 💬 ⇾ Is it possible to redirect my consumers to content translated into their own languages?

    Yes, it's possible. For example, you can redirect your Chinese consumers to the Chinese instructions for your product and the French to the French version. In this way, you can tailor the sales pitch for your product to suit each country. A great advantage, given the cultural differences between countries like France and China.

  • 💬 ⇾ Is it possible to set up campaigns from my dashboard?

    You can manually create promotional campaigns for targeted products and markets. All you have to do is change the marketing rules for the products you want to promote.

  • 💬 ⇾ Can you help me implement this technology on my packaging?

    Yes, you can count on our teams to support you from A to Z as you discover, learn about and implement our solution. In particular, we have an international network of packaging printers equipped with our solutions and ready to support you in their production.

  • 💬 ⇾ Do you plan to develop this product further?

    In fact, we regularly update our products based on feedback from our customers. In the future, we'd like to offer you more targeting options and the possibility of automating your campaigns.


See for yourself how our solution works.

Our experts are will give you a detailed, live demonstration of how our solution works, guide you through its use, and advise you personally on how to implement it for your brand.

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