EDGYN spent the past decade developing and perfecting a digital solution based on the fingerprint technology; Adfirmia™.

How does it work?

Well, just like every person is born with a unique fingerprint that can be used to identify them, every product naturally has a unique fingerprint embedded into the packaging material itself. This means that while most counterfeiting solutions aim to add something to the product to make it more secure, we decided to keep the product as is and instead take the security element that it already naturally has.

This allows us to protect your product without adding anything to them or modifying anything on them.  While adding invisible security elements makes spotting and copying them more difficult, not adding anything at all makes it impossible to copy.

After all, how can you copy what isn’t there?

By using a camera and a specific lighting system we acquire images of the products on the production line. The image goes through our patented algorithm that converts the image into a unique digital signature by analyzing the small-scale variations on the material surface. The digital signature is then stored into a secure database so that the products can later be identified in the field.

Brand inspectors as well as consumers can then use a readily-available smartphone to obtain in a matter of seconds Yes/No answer that isn’t subject to interpretation by an expert to verify the authenticity of the product. Using a smartphone as a verification tool instead of a dedicated proprietary tool really makes this solution universal which can significantly increase the number of users and see your number of checks skyrocket.

All that data you get from the field can give you very valuable insight for your business and through our Analytics platform we analyze, refine and present the data in visual reports to help you make better decisions.