The Ultimate Brand Protection Solution consists in including elements that ensure product integrity, product identity and finally product authenticity.

But what goes into an effective Authentication Feature?

Well Authentication elements as come so far in two main categories: Overt elements & Covert/Forensic elements. Both have their advantages and limitations.

Overt solutions are visible features such as codes and holograms. They are easy to spot, easy to use and look familiar to the consumer, however since they are visible, they can be studied enough by counterfeiters to either copy exactly or create a convincing imitation. The fact that they are visible also makes them vulnerable to attacks or complete removal.

On the other hand, covert solutions are secret, invisible and can only be checked by experts with specific devices. However, using them usually requires a high level of expertise, training and sometimes dedicated expensive tools and devices which can significantly reduce the number of checks in the field.

But what if there were a solution that combines the benefits of both without any of the limitations?

This is what we explain in part 3…