[…] How do companies protect their products, the answer in video.

Here after a simple way to fight against counterfeit:

In this machine, the scanner captures a fingerprint for earch label, in this case labels for bottles, and sends this label’s fingerprint  to a data base. Thereby each label becomes trackable at each time.

Aurélien Tignol CEO of EDGYN “ Our first priority is to use solutions and advanced technologies in terms of optical solutions, chemical solutions, which will make products impossible to duplicate. And secondly, these solutions shall be easily integrable by our customers, it has to be simple for them to use our solutions in their own production process.”

How do manufacturers protect their products?

France 24, « It is a sensitive topic, despite our interview requests, none of the brands contacted anwsered our requests. Only this company (EDGYN) specialized in anti-counterfeiting solutions opened its doors. »

Here’s an example of Art protection (an authorized copy demonstration):

Camille Diss, product manager of EDGYN « Here we scan the Art’s reference, we have a reproduction of ‘ Monet’s Soleil levant’. When the Art is identified, thanks to a dedicated reader we capture the fingerprint and we get an immediate result on its authenticity. »

It is in the pharmaceutical industry that the protection demand is very high.

On a global scale, 1/5 medicines is falsified with important economical and health consequences. Those fake medicines are mainly manufactured in India and China, easily found online, they generate a traffic estimated at 200 billion dollars.

Camille Diss, « On this pharmaceutical packaging, we have printed an invisible ink, invisibe to the naked eye. If I take a UV light, It stays invisible. But, if I use a specific wave length iwe are able to reveal acode with this dedicated reader. »

If brands are their main customers, this company target consumer reinsurance, for that EDGYN has developed a mobile application. In few seconds, It will be possible to know if the product you want to buy is a counterfeit or not.

TV report FRANCE24