Paris, June 6th, 2023

Arianee, the leading digital product passport solution for sustainable goods, and EDGYN, a pioneer and leader in digital fingerprint authentication solutions, announced their partnership today. Together they will provide the strongest authenticity and ownership solutions, combining both companies’ technologies at scale. EDGYN is also joining the Arianee Project association, along with major brands and tech companies.

“What is the link between the product and its digital passport?”: is certainly the first question anyone would ask when discovering Digital Passport technology.

  • Can the authenticity of a product be verified only digitally?
  • How can we make sure a product is authentic even when we have a proof of ownership?

Today, Arianee and EDGYN are pooling their tech know-how to make sure these questions can be answered with the strongest and most scalable technology available on the market.

Thanks to the combination of Arianee & Edgyn solutions, users will be able to verify the authenticity of their goods through a simple scan from their phone using an app or a web-app. This scan will unlock the access to the Digital Passport intrinsically linked to it in their wallet.

To make this possible, for each product they manufacture, brands will:

  • record a digital fingerprint with the EDGYN solution
  • issue a Digital Passport with the Arianee solution
  • embed the fingerprint within the Digital Passport metadata to create an unbreakable connection between the physical product, the digital fingerprint and the Digital Passport

This new feature will be available for the final user within 100% customizable and white label digital experiences that can be web or app based within the brand ecosystem.

EDGYN has been developing for more than 15 years, digital fingerprint solutions combating counterfeiting and grey markets. Edgyn algorithm creates digital signatures based on the visible hazards of the product. This signature is unique, non-additive and invisible which means the product is its own proof of authenticity and identity. Edgyn protects several billions of products thanks to this technology in multiple industries such as luxury, beauty, spirits, pharma and precious metals.

On the other hand, Arianee has been building the most advanced Digital Product Passport (DPP) solution for sustainable goods. Based on web3 technologies and using the NFT standard, this bulletproof digital product passport carries all the product information (sourcing, manufacturing, label…) and evolves dynamically with time stamped event records (repair, maintenance, resell, km and other life recording…). Its unique features from verified issuers, to dMessaging, private content and asynchronous/seamless transfer, make it the perfect tool to facilitate second life services. Brands and consumers can follow the product life cycle while maintaining a link between each other.

The solution also includes:

  • Web interface and services for passport generation and life cycle management,
  • CRM tools
  • APPs and APIs to manage repairs, events & ownership based messaging
  • Resell App to connect in one click the seller and second hand buyers in the brand environment.
Pierre-Nicolas Hurstel, CEO & Co-Founder Arianee

“When you want to deal with authenticity you have to deal with the product itself.
We are proud to partner with Edgyn to build the best \authenticity and ownership solution for physical goods.
Our partnership with Edgyn will reinforce our solutions and enable our clients to answer the increasing demand for security and transparency from their consumers,“

With this partnership, combining Arianee’s tokenized digital product passports and EDGYN’s digital fingerprint solutions, brands can now meet consumer’s demand for authenticity and ownership solutions. From a smartphone, owners will only need to scan the product itself to open the Arianee wallet and access the digital product passport of the physical goods.

The strong complementary expertise of Arianee and Edgyn will allow brands to deploy digital product passports at a large scale, which becomes a seamless experience for the final user.

Aurélien Tignol, CEO at EDGYN

“We share with Arianee the common belief in building customer trust and value for brands by providing reinsurance and transparency based on a digital product passport solution with strong proof of authenticity.
Our digital fingerprint solution brings a very unique means to address a major challenge for NFT of physical items: securing the link between the physical product and its digital twin.
We are very excited to work alongside Arianee and to join this association as a member."