Retrospective of 2022 : The year of all records

A little recap of this year 2022: the year of all challenges.
A year during which sourcing components and materials was complicated.
A year during which recruitment was complex.
A year to deploy and penetrate new sectors.
But beyond all a year during which EDGYN took up challenge after challenge to deliver the best.

Key numbers of our Supply Chain

  • +80
    Sites delivered accross the world
  • +340

Valérie Bertrand, Supply chain director of EDGYN :

This year we have delivered more than 80 sites around the world, with our inks, our substrates and our dedicated labels. That’s more than 340 deliveries! Throughout 2022, our project, sales and supply teams have shown resilience during this complicated period in terms of supply, combining anticipation and tenacity. So we are ready for 2023!