The Best-in-Class Protection Against Counterfeiting and Parallel Markets.

The biometric fingerprint developed by Edgyn is one of the most reliable and innovative brand protections in the world.

Unlike inks, holograms and security labels, Edgyn Shield is 100% invisible protection (no changes to your product) that gives you 100% reliable, one-to-one authentication in less than 10 seconds.

If you're looking for the best way to protect your branded products against counterfeiting and parallel markets, you've found the ideal solution.

Key Security Features and Benefits

  • Unique Digital Identification

    Anti-counterfeiting and anti-product diversion solution

  • 100% Invisible Protection

    Strictly no addition to your product. No technical means of detecting this protection.

  • 100% Reliable Authentication

    No more and no less than the certainty of your product's authenticity.

  • Instant Authentication

    A clear, definitive answer in less than 10 seconds.

  • Consumer Authentication

    A smartphone (iOs or Android), our brand protection app, and your customers are ready to go.

  • International Deployment

    We can install the industrial recording systems needed to operate this technology in your plants all around the world.

  • Edgyn Care Access

    This product gives you access to the Production Manager and Market Protection modules of our digital brand protection platform.

  • Real-time Data Visualization

    From your dashboard, you can view and filter your product statistics graphically (by country, month, factory, production batch).

  • Regular Updates

    We regularly add new features to this solution at no extra cost to our customers.

.> 2 Authentication Modes. Both 100 % Reliable.

  • Adfirmia™

    ✔️ Consumer authentication
    ✔️ Smartphone (Edgyn mobile app)
    ✔️ Instant result

  • Signoptic®

    ✔️ Inspector authentication
    ✔️ SURE Reader (connected to our app)
    ✔️ Instant result

How it works ⚙️

Cutting-edge Technology. 15 years of French Innovation.

Edgyn Shield is a cutting-edge technology unique in the world, patented, designed and developed in France by Edgyn's teams for over 15 years.

Our engineers have developed an algorithm capable of generating a unique fingerprint for each of your products. This fingerprint is based on the product's biometrics, i.e. its physical characteristics (roughness, texture, etc.). Just like our fingers, each object has a unique material 'fingerprint' impossible to reproduce and invisible to the naked eye.

Edgyn has an international network of partners that enables us to install the recording systems needed to digitise products anywhere in the world.

4 Steps to Ensure your Safety

  • 1. Registration System Installation

    We install an industrial optical system (camera and lighting) in the factories of your choice to scan your products.

  • 2. Products Registration

    Your scanned products are converted into digital data and stored in a database hosted on a secure server.

  • 3. Unitary Authentication

    Every time someone (inspector or customer) scans one of your products, we authenticate it by checking whether its physical fingerprint exists in our database.

  • 4. Counterfeiting Detection

    If the scanned product shows the slightest anomaly, we geolocate the scan, then immediately alert you on your Edgyn Care space so that you can take charge of the situation.

Designed for Luxury Products. And Careful Brand Owners.

  • Cosmetic Products

    Perfume and other bottles.

  • Beverages & Spirits

    Bottles and caps included.

  • Luxury Products

    Handbags and more.

  • Precious Metals

    Coins and more.


Protect your brand, your products and your customers. All in one go.

Edgyn Shield enables you to minimise the risks of counterfeiting and diversion of your products by malicious actors and intellectual property infringers.

This protection offers numerous benefits for your brand reputation, but also for your customers.

  • Authenticity Guarantee

    Protect your brand reputation by ensuring your consumers a 100% authentic product.

  • Consumer Engagement

    Involve your consumers in protecting your products by allowing them to authenticate them themselves and interact with your brand.

  • Reduce your Sales Losses

    Detect faulty channels and malicious distributors in your distribution circuits and reduce the associated financial losses to zero.

  • Simplified Inspection

    Give your brand inspectors the best tools in the market to investigate your supply chains and improve their performance.


Why is Product Authentication more and more Important?

"Parallel markets are a growing problem for more and more brands. These markets allow malicious third parties to resell their products outside any legal framework, resulting in significant financial losses for these brands, not to mention the impact on the brand. Our technology is the answer to this problem.

- Camille DISS, Product Director


Monitor your protection in real time. Anywhere in the world.

This product gives you access to the Production Manager and Market Protection modules of Edgyn Care, our digital brand protection platform.

Our platform is a secure database where you can access detailed statistics on your products at any time and view your protection cover in great detail.

Our advisers are on hand to give you a live, detailed presentation of how it works, and to guide and advise you on how to use it.

Real-time Datavisualisation

Your dashboard allows you to view and filter the results of your inspections and authentications graphically in just a few clicks (by country, month, plant and production batch).

Detailed Data Reports

On Edgyn Care, you can consult all the data relating to each of your products (serial number, batch number, destination market, life-cycle events). Need to present your results? You can also download this data in Excel format in the form of detailed reports.

Alert Notification

If we detect a counterfeit or a diversion on your distribution channels, we geolocate it, then immediately alert you on your dashboard so that you can take control of the situation.


The Royal Canadian Mint uses this protection

For over 6 years, the Royal Canadian Mint has been using Signoptic® to protect its gold and silver Maple Leafs. These exceptional bullion coins are among the most secure in the world.

.> All your questions about Edgyn Shield answered

  • 💬 ⇾ Is your solution additive and does it modify the products in any way?

    No, our solution is 100% invisible and digital. It adds absolutely nothing to your product. No modification is required for its industrialisation.

  • 💬 ⇾ Is authentication really 100% reliable as you claim?

    Yes, we can certify that the authentication is 100% reliable, because we constantly monitor its reliability through various internal tests. We can provide you with the results of these tests.

  • 💬 ⇾ Can your solution aggregate bottles?

    Absolutely, our technology is an interesting alternative to traditional aggregation, since its invisibility guarantees a higher level of security.

  • 💬 ⇾ Does authentication work if the product is scratched or bumped?

    Yes, all our studies show that our biometric fingerprints offer a very high level of tolerance to wear, rubbing and thermal alteration. We can provide you with the results of these studies if you wish.

  • 💬 ⇾ Does your solution run the risk of producing false positives?

    No, false positives are impossible with this technology for one simple reason: our algorithm scans for miscroscopic details that are impossible to reproduce or confuse.

  • 💬 ⇾ What kind of products does your solution apply to?

    You can use our biometric fingerprints to identify and authenticate your packaging, labels, bottles, corks, metal objects, handbags, blister packs and many other products.

  • 💬 ⇾ Why don't you specify which brands use this solution?

    We cannot disclose the identity of our customers, as this would compromise their security. The protection of their sensitive data is a priority for us and we do everything we can to protect it.

Tested and Proven. All over the World.

  • + 100
    brands using this protection
  • + 2 billion
    products protected by this solution
  • + 100
    registration systems deployed worldwide

See for yourself how our solution works.

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